Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park campground

Another beautiful Canadian campground.  Although The tent camping site fee is only $20, there’s a $10 fee for cars entering the park and a $14 fee for booking the site, so it ends up being more expensive in fees than it actually does for the campsite for one night.

That said, they also include free campfire wood, free water, and in this particular site there’s actually running water in the restrooms that are near the tent sites. This particular campground also has a brand new shower building with laundry facilities. I did all our laundry 2 days ago at Meadow Lake provincial Park.  Everyone there was so kind and helpful and made recommendations about other places we could stay in Saskatchewan.

Today went much better because we got an early start from the hotel and made it to the campsite area and plenty of time to get a meal out and set up our campsite before 9:00 p.m.!!

Part of that was that I was able to use the internet to book a site and actually look at one that was close to the restrooms so we didn’t have to do the extra step of setting up the green elephant tent in our site to avoid walking a quarter mile to the restroom at night.

I also bought another tote to just shove things into that we could move a little bit more easily out of the van and still not worry about it getting rained on because now it’s waterproof.

Gas has varied between a $1.85 and $2.90 a liter- so that’s between about $7 and $12 a gallon USD.  After we go to the Human Rights museum, we’re going to head down into the Dakotas toward Minnesota to go to snake Discovery, and stay at a hotel the night before we want to go to an indoor sightseeing thing like those, and camp in between. We’ve also decided that we would just as soon go to the Chicago Legoland as the Toronto Legoland, which will have the advantage of cheaper gas in the United States.

If we can think of a place in the West that has a Legoland, we may go there instead of going further east to Chicago.

Zack is trying to explain to me that Chicago is on the “left side” of the US, but it’s 8:30 here and I don’t really feel like explaining the geography to him in a blacked out minivan.

Oh! Now he’s saying that he realizes that it’s california, not Chicago! He’s listening along as I dictate this and now asking that I not put it on the blog!

We’re ready to go to bed and it’s before 9:00 p.m.. Hurray!!!

Everyone’s happy that we haven’t had a meltdown because we got to bed on time.



  1. Mary · June 15, 2022

    I love reading your updates, Adeline! Such a lot of experience in just a few short weeks.

    Gas prices however are really outrageous! I can see why you would not want to go all the way east.

    Hope you are having fun!

    • Adeline · June 18, 2022

      In the Yukon and northern BC some places were asking over $3 a litre which would equate to over $10 USD depending on rate per gallon. It’s about $4.75 here in
      St. Paul, MN

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