Clamshell gear

I bought my Thule Weekender in 1999 at the L.L. Bean store in Portland, Maine for The Fabulous Subaru of the Apocalypse, my 1982 Subaru (RIP).  It’s still great 22 years later.  It got used a few times by The Holoment.  Now it’s time for a ride on The Meeny Van. 

Today we wanted to see what gear could fit up top for out big trip. Great news! It’s a LOT. The primary item I wanted to make sure would fit is our Joolca Nomad Hottap system. We have not set it up for a test run yet, but knowing it fits in the cargo case is a huge win, because it means that we can handle it less often in a daily basis just getting in and out of the rear van area.

But how do we get everything loaded once the clamshell is up on the rack???

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