The ROADLOFT is here!!


I was waiting for my Keys at the Costco Tire shop when my phone rang with some local number I didn’t know. The Roadloft was ready to be delivered! What a great sunny day to be out in the driveway getting the van ready!

(The crazed look is a semi-permanent fixture.)

Unpacking— where are the assembly instructions?
Still no paperwork

Our neighbors came over to see how it was going. They have been working on their yard removing dead trees during the sunny weather this week. Brent and Stacy helped me open the crates- of course the last one we opened was where the paperwork and parts were stashed. (Also, some free soap!) Carl ended up helping until the entire Roadloft was assembled. Unfortunately, the web site where the instructions are located didn’t load in English on mobile. Because of the time change between here and Quebec, we missed their office hours. But Carl was super helpful in figuring out that the short feet actually brace the sides of the Roadloft to keep it from shifting forward during hard braking. Eventually we figured it all out. THANKS CARL!!


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  1. Jody L Seigel · May 27, 2022

    What a great trip! Sounds like tou guys will have a ton of fun! We had a platform like that in one of my dad’s old van when I went to college. It’s a great solution for travel and storage!

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