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I’ve been learning the WordPress online software to build this blog. I think I’m understanding some of the basics -at least putting together a photo with captions and a basic story. I also have what appears to be a functional subscription link- the maple leaves picture on the main page. Now I’d like to get comments from you so I can make sure the communication portion of this site is functioning.

Worst. Photo. Evar.

So far what I’ve written has been pretty boring. I’ve spent March and April researching how to solve the problems of living out of the van independently and off the grid for at least a few days at a stretch. The three of us have been practicing using our new gear at home so that we don’t run into “first time” snags when it counts out away from home with gear we’re unfamiliar with. I’ve learned SO MUCH from vanlife bloggers and YouTubers who have experience on the road already… The posts I’ve made here have also been practice: how I’ll update people we plan to visit and friends at home following us along the way!

Basic Problems:

  1. Hydration – Water
  2. Nutrition – Food
  3. Shelter – Sleep
  4. Hygeine – Bathing
  5. Shelter – Safety
  6. Navigation
  7. Power
  8. Communication

I’ll try to go over each of these points and how I plan to solve them in future posts.

Can you please write a comment below?

I’d like to test out how the comments function on the back end (what I see and interact with while making a web page). This will be an easy way to communicate with us on the journey.

There are a few of you who have subscribed to the blog. Hopefully, you are getting an email each time I write a new post on this blog. Also, our route isn’t carved in stone- we have a few things planned to see and do. We’d love suggestions. Have you had any experiences you’d recommend along the way?

Please write a comment below-

  1. Did you get an email alerting you to this post? (only a handful might say yes.)
  2. What things would you suggest we see and do along the way?
  3. What questions do you have about the trip?

Thank You!


  1. adeline · May 25, 2022

    Only 10 days til we go!

    • Ninja Dave · May 28, 2022

      Bring a frisbee (or three). You might be inclined to say, “Yeah, won’t be chasing a frisbee after a long day.” But there are 100 uses for a frisbee and you’ll invent that list yourself as the need arises. Trust me on this, it’s as essential and versatile as duct tape! 💕

      • Adeline · May 28, 2022

        I TOLD the kids like 2 weeks ago we should totally bring frisbees! Zack was like, “No, I don’t think so.”
        Ha!!! I feel SO vindicated!!! Thanks Ninja Dave! Now, when I told Zack a ninja said we should bring frisbees, he just said he didn’t believe I knew a ninja. So I told him you were the one that gave us the little blue ninja that has been sitting on the window sill for like 5 years now, and then he totally accepted that as proof! Woo!

      • Adeline · June 6, 2022

        We have a bowl that the frisbee fits as a lid perfectly!!

  2. America · May 27, 2022

    I hope you have a great experience.

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