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  1. Beth · June 6, 2022

    Hi Zack, Hi Mellie, Hi Adeline!!! Go Meenie go

  2. Pam · June 7, 2022

    Hi Adeline! I met you in Canadian tire today. Have a wonderful adventure! Soak it all in. Enjoy the Canadian experience and if you come back this way would love to host your family on your way home.

    • Adeline · June 8, 2022

      PAM! The pool was awesome! Thank you so much for the tip! Their grandparents are in Montana, so we are going back thru the Rockies, Banff, and Jasper. I’m not sure if we are coming up the right spot but looking quickly at the map there is a good chance we will be. Thank you for the offer!
      We ended up at Moonshine Lake PP in Alberta last night.

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