You know you’re an Alaskan when…

…your van looks like a Forest Service crime scene.

Last night the damn bear did this:

Broke my window!

We started removing the Roadloft components and getting them to storage. After removing the fridge and rear floor mat, I discovered that there are no drainage holes in the cargo pit. The leaky water jug we’d gotten rid of in Canada had left a couple gallons under the cargo mat, and the carpet was still saturated with water from over a month ago!

See the paw marks?

I vacuumed up a few quarts of water with the Bissell. Then I laid two rolls of paper towel in the cargo pit and sat in the back trying to soak up as much more water as possible. Finally, I cracked all the windows about 3 inches and put a fan in back to try and dry it out overnight.

Tinted glass everwhere!

It’s been sunny and gorgeous this weekend, so I figured it would be fine to leave the windows down a little to help with air flow. Clear skies, no chance of rain.

Mel and I were watching Picard and I heard a clattering sound outside below the deck. I went out on the deck and saw the fat bear’s ass walking up the slope at the end of our drive into our yard. The outside lights were off and I couldn’t see anything wrong, so I called downstairs to Kyle to peek outside and see what the bear had knocked over.

“He broke your window!” said Kyle.


With the lights on now below the deck I could see a pool of shattered black cubes of glass on the driveway next to the van.


  1. Carole Beebe · July 8

    Well that dosen’t look too good 😦 I couldn’t tell if there is other damage besides the broken window. What a bummer!! What does this do to your Denali trip?
    I’m out the door just now on my way to Great Falls. Talk to you later.

    • Adeline · July 8

      The bear broke the glass last year but I never posted it! The glass is fixed but we still have ongoing problems with that door.

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