skinny dipping

We pulled off at a boat launch after getting some food.

Nice art! The pumpkin coconut soup was good.

And the water was SO clear and green…

There was a spot where I could make my way to the beach in my teva sandals, which I hate, but are great for water.

This seagull saw EVERYTHING

The water was VERY cold. First i went in up to my knees, and it was cold, sure, but also, I have not gotten a shower since Anchorage, and it has been grubby and warm in the car.

Someone decided to stay in the van…

I couldn’t see the road where we had pulled off, and the boat launch was around the bend. Off with everything! The water was so crisp and cold! Not as cold as the polar bear dip, but still pretty cold. I went under and came back up and felt like a brand new person. And way cleaner!

That’s all you get to see!
So much better, even with super wet hair!

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  1. Mimi · July 26

    I’d have been right there with you! I hate feeling grubby!

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