Ft. St. John… Swimming pool

…and SHOWERS!!

And jumbo hotdogs and sodas.

We didn’t get far today. Zack’s mattress keeps deflating so we had the opportunity to go thru a larger town with shopping venues. Canadian Tire is like a Target crossed with a hardware store. AMAZING! I was able to get two air mattresses and some Crocs for slipping on easily at night to head to the Utilitent. I also got a few sundries.

I was talking with a local woman in the air freshener aisle (you would not BELIEVE the farting!) who mentioned the local pool. We wanted to swim at the pool by the signpost forest and that pool was closed because it was Sunday. I’m glad Zack got the chance to learn how to work his snorkel gear in a pool.

And ICE for my water bottle!!

We are going to look for a nearby campground and head toward EDMUNTON to the giant mall. Tomorrow will hopefully be a long driving day. I got the kids Lego sets at Canadian Tire, so that should occupy them for a little while on the road.

It’s still a huge fight to get them off screens.

We still have not seen a moose.


  1. Juliette · June 7, 2022

    I looked on the map … Have you passed through Jasper yet? You must see the glacier fields if you do! We only got as far north as Banff, but there were fires up in Jasper blocking the roads, so we couldn’t go there. But I hear the glacier fields are amazing. Also, will you be stopping by Banff? Lake Louise is the most amazing and incredible place to visit if you have the chance!

    • Adeline · June 8, 2022

      Yes we are going back that way after Montana.

  2. Mom · June 8, 2022

    Are the kids keeping a journal?

    • Adeline · June 8, 2022

      We are pretty wiped out by the time we find a place and set up for the night.

  3. Kraig Wash · June 8, 2022

    GoMeenyGo! Good shopping & good times! Hope it gets easer to find places to stop for the night! Have a great day!

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