We are at a hotel near the west EDMUNTON mall which has an indoor water park. This is one of the stops Zack requested. It was pouring for most of the drive and we went about 300 miles today.

Last night we stayed at Moonshine Lake provincial park.  We didn’t know reservations were needed and by the time we got there the phone service for reservations was closed.  I tried two more times this morning but couldn’t get through.  We pulled into an unused group camping lot and set up there. 

We were able to refill our water tank, which we discovered had a leak. The lower corner got smooshed in and crimped the plastic.  Luckily we had a collapsible tank, but it doesn’t fit very conveniently anyplace except the Rubbermaid tote I got at Canadian Tire to consolidate some smaller free floating items. 

We are spending HOURS every day setting up beds and packing up camp.  Part is that we have a bunch of stuff, but another part is that the kids are completely reliant on me to do the work, or, end up undoing work or moving something three or four times rather than being efficient working toward an end goal of putting things where they belong in logical order.  Zack keeps doing one small task and then disappearing with his phone.  Or, the kids just wander off chasing bugs or arguing…

I’m not sure we have gotten out onto the road before noon more than once in the past week. Hopefully we can get up at a decent hour tomorrow. The plan is to head over to the mall and then come back to the hotel for the night. Then Friday we’ll keep heading east.

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  1. Mary · June 8, 2022

    Progress may seem slow, but it is underway. Glad you are taking this time to have the experience!

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