Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Thursday we were in Manitoba at the Canadian Museum of Human rights. It’s a HUGE building with impressive architecture and is also featured on the Canadian $10 bill

Plastic money and Crossaint crumbs

We started at the tower and worked our way down after going through the racism exhibit.

Tower of Hope
The view was somewhat dizzying
Can be seen from all levels of the museum
Ramps between levels
Further down
More ramps
Looking up
Backlit marble ramps go all the way down from the top of the tower

On the ground floor there was an exhibit on racism. Much of it was basic sociological information. The exhibit focused on Canada, and I could not help but think that Canada is far ahead of the United States in this regard.

Zack is a master of the photobomb
The kids with Ghandi

Overall we weren’t sure what to expect of the museum but the content was presented in a way that didn’t place blame on any parties but still gave an impression of progress and gave credit for all the work that has been done by parties everywhere to advance equality for peoples who had not been experiencing fairness toward their unique expression of humanity due to traditional or societal constraints.


  1. Mary · June 20, 2022

    What a powerful way to teach these important principles. Well done!

  2. Mimi Rothchild · June 21, 2022

    Thanks for the review. I haven’t been there and will now make a point to add it to my list the next time I head west!

    • Adeline · June 21, 2022

      The kids didn’t have a lot of patience for the films and the amount of reading involved but I would have definitely spent about 4-5 hours instead of just 2.5

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