Aberdeen, SD

The temperature guage in the van read between 97 and 102 degrees nearly all day. We had the air cranked and even then the fridge was running nearly all day so the Bluetti only got about 40% charged despite driving for about 7 hours.

There’s no way it was going to be cool enough to camp in the van tonight so to avoid heatstroke we are in yet another hotel. This one advertised a pool but when we checked in there was none. So disappointing.

It’s been about a week of nothing but farmlands and flat rural areas to look at. We have listened to all the podcasts we’ve downloaded. There aren’t any new photos so here’s SuperKitty wearing my Costco glasses.

They really suit him!

We are headed to Montana to visit family. Keri is in Red Lodge but it looks like the famous floods are not along our route. Then we’ll head to Bozeman to visit grandparents. It looks like the weather is far more reasonable there, and hopefully I can rearrange some things up top in the van to make a bit more space in the seating area.

We are headed to a rec area near Miles city, MT tomorrow. Since we went an hour less today than expected it is over 6 hours to get there tomorrow, but hopefully as we cross South Dakota the temperature will drop and we won’t be fighting wind the whole way again.

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