Red Lodge, Montana

We have been in Red Lodge, MT, visiting the kids’ Aunt Keri and Uncle Kraig at their relatively new place. They have been wonderfully hospitable and it’s been great to unwind and relax with relatives at their place instead of looking for spaces to stay out and about day by day.

I’d been driving a whole lot more hours per day in the few days before we got here, going as quickly as we could thru Minnesota and the Dakotas to get here, so I haven’t been doing much photography.

First time I’ve seen an 80 MPH sign!!

Nevada had a speed limit of 75, generally, on open roads and along I-80. But I have never lived a place where the POSTED limit was higher than that. It was sort of an understood practice that in some segments between Nevada and Utah that the limit was 75 but in some flat, straight, segments of those salt flats (where the desert scenes in Independence Day were filmed) that people seem to regularly drive 90 to get thru those sections as quickly as possible.

I did have a hard time wanting to go 80 MPH on these roads though as parts were not divided, or perhaps it was the wind and rain that just made it seem less appealing to go as fast as was allowed.

Keri and Kraig run a destination wedding venue, Montana Wildflower Weddings. They have a really beautiful setup. They have a busy event schedule this weekend, so we will hang back at the residence and do some laundry and cleaning in the van the next few days.

Monday or Tuesday we’ll be heading to Bozeman to see the kids’ grandparents. I am hoping to get some photos around here before we go and will put an updated post.

This house was torn in half from the flood waters.

The floods that ran through town here closed a number of roads right in downtown. We are hearing thunder in the not-so-distant surrounding hills. Hopefully there won’t be more floods!

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