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We crossed from South to North Dakota this afternoon. Had great Pie at the Great Plains Family restaurant.

Strawberry cream pie!! Sorry, we ate it before a photo could be taken.

Lots of torrential downpours today. After It being over 100 in Aberdeen it’s nice to settle down in a pretty site with very few bugs and a reasonable temperature.

We saw lots of pheasants, antelope, deer, horses, cattle, a rabbit, and sheep today driving thru plains and grasslands. The landscape definitely became more rugged and steeper and craggy as we started to get further into Montana. I’ve never been in the Dakotas or this side of Montana before but it definitely became more recognizable the more sagebrush we encountered.

Although the kids think the funniest part of the day was when a tumbleweed blew across the road in front of us in the midst of the heaviest rain we’ve seen yet. It was sort of the opposite of what you see in movies with the dusty road in the old cowboy town and the tumbleweeds and a cloud of dust going through the empty streets. I have to admit tumbleweeds are not something I generally associate with rainstorms.


  1. Carole · June 20, 2022

    Tumbleweeds happen in SNOW storms

    • Adeline · June 23, 2022

      That has to be even more weird!

  2. Mom · June 23, 2022

    Really enjoy your posts

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