Canada going north along the Cassiar Highway and Trans-Can 16

Where did I leave off? Maybe dropping off hitch hikers in Kallispell?

These Vermillion colored flowers are all over the place.

In case you were wondering… no evil has befallen us (except maybe the horrible inflation of late stage capitalism) but we are once again finding ourselves far from reliable communications networks (and time, and dry weather).


We camped as planned at the Obelisk, as you already know, dear friend, and at Wasa Lake campground. After picking up the campsite we pulled across the way and the kids snorkeled in the warm water for a couple hours before we started driving north.

Mellie’s odd pinecone
Wasa Lake diner. Food was good!
Wasa Lake campground site 26. The kids had fun walking around the campsite loop and playing the Wormhole.
Zack with Elvis and the Boba Fett (still in Montana at what turned out to be a racist pie stand)

We also stayed at Lake Louise campground, which was so crowded that we didn’t see the lake at all. Or take pictures. But I did get a shower (yay!)

Then on the 6th we headed toward Jasper for the tram.


  1. Mary · July 9, 2022

    I love seeing your posts, and pictures Adeline! You really are making the most of your journey.

  2. Carole Beebe · July 9, 2022

    Happy things are going ok — the vermillion colored flowers – in case you did not already know – are Indian Paintbrush. Depending on the soil composition they can range in color from pink – salmon – orange – and several shades of red.

    • Adeline · July 9, 2022

      Thank you! I thought Maybe but when I’ve seen it it has been less bushy and more tall stalks, so I wasn’t sure it was the same. We have seen various red-orange shades but mostly warmer shades of red.

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