Last night in Montana

We headed toward Glacier Park and the Roosville border crossing from Montana into British Colombia. Our planned stop was the Obelisk rest area heading into the park.

Marias Pass Obelisk

There was no toilet paper in the pit toilets, but we did have our own, so that wasn’t so bad. It rained lightly, and was a nice cool temperature to sleep in the van. Setup has been going SOOOO much easier since all the rearranging and new waterproof totes. I was a teeny bit concerned that there were many cars coming and going, as it was a point of interest and not very sheltered, but there were no issues leaving the totes next to the van all night while we slept. There was also a train across the road from the rest stop, but they didn’t use the horns so it was all in all a decent place to stop for the night, and best of all: FREE.

Free Parking and a toilet!

It was the first night back on the Roadloft after about 2 weeks sleeping in beds, and although the kids seemed to sleep pretty well after settling in, I didn’t. I offered some hikers coffee while they were trying to hitch a ride at the intersection while we packed up the van.

David and Mike from Michegan

David and Mike had flown out west to backpack the Continental Divide trail and Yellowstone, but their plans had changed and they were trying to get back home more quickly and were now headed for Kalispell.

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