Ferry to Haines

We are on our way!

Woke up at 430 am, but, woke up a lot all night checking the time in nervous anticipation of the trip. I know we brought less than last year, including one less person, but it still seems like a lot. We might be able to leave the road loft 75% set up for sleeping this time though. Kyle took out the middle seat behind the drivers side, and we brought the big propane tank, and a large tank of water under the floor again. Mellie and I finished packing the last few items last night, and this morning just grabbed our phones and got dressed, and drove off.

Waiting at Auke Bay terminal to leave

We are supposed to arrive around 11:45 in Haines. I have never been on the Hubbard before, and it looks like the cars drive forward on to the car deck, and possibly also drive forward to leave. We will see. The water in the channel looks smooth and flat. Once in a while a small fish jumps from the surface and skips backwards.

Mellie, Departing Auke Bay, Mendenhall Glacier in the distance behind us

We should cross into Canada some time after lunch, and hopefully set up in a campsite early, as both of us wished we’d had at least another four hours of sleep. I haven’t finished sewing magnets onto the second screen to keep the bugs out of the van at night.

Typical Grey Juneau skies

Time for breakfast. More to come!


  1. Kyle · July 13

    Hey look! It’s the Green’s Creek crew boat!

    And it may be grey, but it’s not hot, or raining either.

    Have a fun trip!

  2. Kraig Wash · July 13

    Glad to see you are on another adventure! Have a great time!

  3. Carole Beebe · July 13

    Enjoy! hope all goes well.

  4. Keri · July 13

    Enjoy your time together!

  5. Stacy · July 13

    Excited for you. Have fun.

  6. Beth · July 14

    Woo hoo Hi Mellie and have sooo much fun!!

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