Kluane Lake

We camped at a great site last night next to Kluane lake, which is huge.

Kluane Lake

We got in about 6 pm and watched some Netflix, which was very blurry with one bar of cell reception, but after getting up at 430, we were happy to have it.

Good news, the Camco Toilet- ALREADY WORTH IT! Was easy to use and set up, and so far no stank has been detected. We also made it our of the campsite BEFORE 9 am! It was actually, like 8:40! New personal best! The toilet was much faster to set up than the tent system we used last year, and since there was clearly no one around, we didn’t even bother getting the privacy tent out of the roof rack.

Our starting Mileage this morning, left camp BEFORE 9 am!

We are at Fast Eddie’s in TOK getting our hot meal of the day. I suddenly know why I feel like we were driving ALL day- There was a lot of construction, potholes, gravel, and I think I stared at the ass end of an RV all day with only a few chances to pass.

So much construction

There were some nice views though, here are a few:

So much Fireweed
Fireweed for miles
This might be wild geranium?

Even though it is only a couple hundred miles, it’s 5 pm. We crossed the border back into Alaska with no issues.

Best RV back end yet

Tonight after dinner, we plan to find a spot not too far from here to set up. Tired of driving. Need to decide if we are going from here to Anchorage or to Fairbanks first.

The food at Fast Eddies is good. You should stop here if you’re in Tok.

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  1. Carole Beebe · July 14

    I remember all the fireweed when we went to Canada and Alaska back in ’09. Beautiful.

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