We decided against going North all the way to Prudhoe Bay. After we left the hotel this morning, we headed over to Fred Meyers and got some produce and mosquito repellant. The local dance academy had a car wash fund raiser and we got MeenY washed.

The dancing girls did a good job!

I talked to one of the parents while the van was being washed about things to do in the area. He explained that there really isn’t much up that way except oil rigs. Most of the iOverlander descriptions of campsites mentioned: “mosquitoes,” or “many mosquitos,” and “hundreds of mosquitos…” which seemed unappealing. So we decided just to go north to Coldfoot.

We got headed out of town and we realized it was after lunch time and we got lunch at a Sonic drive thru. It was yummy!

After about 20 minutes heading north on the highway, Mel and I both started talking about how unexcited we were about the destination. It seemed sort of useless to drive up and just turn around and come back down the exact same road.

SOOOO…. We headed back into Fairbanks and decided to see things around town before heading to Denali. Mel wants to go to Valdez, and we could do that after Denali.


  1. Mimi · July 17

    The university in Fairbanks has a museum that is super interesting!

    • Adeline · July 17

      Thanks! I want to take Mel tomorow before we head out

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