Beaver dam near Cantwell

We Stayed in a quarry outside the par last night with a number of RV’s who also did not have reservations for the booked full park. it rained a teeny bit last night and there was a ton of traffic, but we still slept pretty well until nearly 10 am. the temperature was just right and the screens kept what few bugs there were out of the van.

we stopped in Nenana and saw the markers they use for the breakup bets
We ate at a Serbian restaraunt outside Denali
Nenana Ice CLassic. John Oliver did a fun write up- try searching YouTube!
a beaver Dam. did not see the beavers…
This is what much of Alaska has looked like on this trip
Pano near the beaver dam we stopped by in Cantwell
Very Black Petunias in planters at Denali Park
Beaver Dam
Waking up in the van at the Quarry were we slept last night outside Denali Park
Zinnias outside the Little Owl Cafe in Fairbanks
Mellie’s drink at Little Owl. The lid had a cool imprint of Alaska

Kyle gets the catalog for this place- I wonder if they will ship the cabin kit to Juneau?

Well, Denali was kind of a bust. We had tickets for the 1 pm bus tour of the park, you can only drive part way in a private vehicle. Mellie had a meltdown while packing up the van in the morning when it was time to go and we missed the tour.

We are on our Way to Talkeetna for the night. might just get a pull through site for the night. not sure yet, but there are sites, or, I’m sure we can find something, there have been plenty of places that allow overnight parking along the roadside.

hopefully we will go into anchorage tomorrow, maybe get a room for some showers, and meet with my friend for Sushi at the secret sushi place Kyle told us about.

Time to drive!

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  1. Mary · August 2

    I love the way you are able to describe your process, and bring us into your experience. You are a captivating writer!

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