Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall

This is our second day at the West Edmonton Mall. I am seriously exhausted. Zack got a bed to himself Wednesday night, Mellie got a bed to herself last night, and I get a bed to myself tonight since I will be driving tomorrow.

Yesterday we went to the amusement park section which had carnival-type rides and games. The kids did bumper cars, a rollercoaster, some arcade games, and we even played blacklight mini-golf.

Thumbs up

I had gotten two lego sets for the kids at Canadian Tire when I bought Zack’s replacement mattress. They spent most of the drive here listening to podcasts with me and assembling them.

Designing our own minifigures

We entered the mall today right by the LEGO store. It was pretty amazing. We got to design our own unique minifigures which they printed from our designs, and pick accessories and hair, hats, clothes, etc for them. We also got to pick out individual legos from bulk bins on the wall as if they were penny candies, and a quart sized Jar of individual legos was under $20 CAD. I found one of the bins had little stars mixed in and I must have gotten close to a hundred of them! Mellie, of course, bought dragon parts.

They also had muppet minifigures in the opaque mystery grab bags and I bought several of those- I hope I got Kermit and Gonzo! I’ll open them when we get back to the hotel.

The dragon ate my golf ball.
The blacklight golf was fun!
Derpy Ferris Wheel

The kids wanted to go to the waterpark, and although it did look fun once we got inside, I’m really far too tired to want to be swimming all day. I dropped the kids off inside the waterpark area (it’s encapsulated in its own section), and went off on my own in the mall.

Carousel ride

The pedicure was SOO relaxing. I wanted to get a massage as well, but the only appointment was for 5 pm when the waterpark closes and I need to meet the kids.

I bought a pair of Chaco sandals right before we left, and I’ll keep wearing them in the water as needed, but they are difficult to wrangle on and off, and the straps do sort of bother my feet. I also had let Zack borrow my sneakers (without socks) and they now smell like dead dogs. I was able to find a shoe store and some more comfortable shoes.

Right now I’m sitting in a Boston Pizza drinking Raspberry Lemonade. My brain is seriously overstimulated from being at a mall for two days straight. I need to go meet the kids in a few minutes. Zack said he wanted to go bowling after the waterpark. How do kids do it???

Hopefully they will want to get some food and we can re-group to make an evening plan while we have some dinner.

Mellie reluctantly posing
Zack is all thumbs up!


  1. Carole Beebe · June 10, 2022

    Makes ME tired just reading about it .. oh well, you guys continue to have fun.

    • Adeline · June 11, 2022

      Yeah the mall is huge and we only went to a couple parts of it.

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