Change of plans

Packing up each morning and setting up each night has been very taxing on all of us. It literally takes hours and feels like I am trying to teach a herd of cats to build a log cabin.

In addition, some family circumstances have changed since we left Alaska, and we no longer plan to go to NY state.

Because of this we may be giving up on Maine.

Right now we are in Saskatoon and plan to go camp tonight at Good Spirit PP and the next day to Winnepeg to visit the Canadian Human Rights museum.

After that, we plan to head toward Minnesota to visit Snake Discovery.

We will reassess after that to continue East or home again West.


  1. Beth · June 14, 2022

    Neat stops. I would love to hear about the places you go…esp Human Rights museum!

  2. Keri Wash · June 14, 2022

    Such a tough decision. I wish you all the best-enjoy the snakes for me! Love to all! Keri

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